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March 1st 2021

 I've been given the opportunity by radio programme Passaggio to talk about the background of our CD from a pianist's perspective. Very grateful ! Each day will cover a different movement, and sheds light on the musicological and historical context of the compositions. I will also briefly touch the topic of the role of the piano "accompanist" over the last two centuries.


To be released as a Hollandse Nieuwe! Podcast later on this week.

Part 1 is already available here. Each broadcast starts at 7pm on NPO radio 4.

February 2021

Lots of publicity and feedback for our CD Spezl, released this month (February 12th).

- Great background article in Nederlands Dagblad here.

- A very favourable review by Aart van der Wal on the Opusklassiek website.

- An interview and live performance of the 2nd movement of the Thuille sonata, in Spiegelzaal, NPO radio 4.

- An interview and live-stream concert of Strauss (2nd mvt and An einsamer Quelle), in De Klassieken, NPO radio 4.

- Our CD was "crypto-prize" in De Ochtend van 4 and received high praise in Diskotabel, both on NPO radio 4.

Dec 18th 2020

It's a wrap! We just finished the final edit of our upcoming CD! Strauss and Thuille cello sonatas with the fantastic Floris Mijnders on cello, to be released on  label 7 Mountain Records in February 2021.

Promo video here (many thanks to Hilde Verweij for the amazing footage!)

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